Terms & Conditions

By downloading, and/or using the Delegasi Application, you agree that you have read and agreed to the Use of the Delegasi Application. We will submit any substantial changes to the General Terms and Conditions through our Application. By using the Delegasi Application, you are deemed to have acknowledged and agreed to these changes.

Description of the services

Through the Application, we offer automated financial transaction recording services including record transactions, record invoices/receipts, reconcile transactions, financial reports and financial recommendation. Terms of Use You agree to the following in connection with your use of the Service:

You agree to submit your personal information, such as name, phone number, Telegram account during the Delegasi Application registration process. You are expected to update your personal information if there is a change in personal information such as Telegram account. You agree to submit your company information, such as name, business detail, financial transactions, bank transactions during the Delegasi Application registration process. You are expected to update your company information if there is a change in personal information such as business detail. Delegasi may use your phone number to register for our bot, newsletter, surveys or other activities related to Delegasi's operations. We only collect personal information if you have agreed to participate in related activities. You can refuse to participate in our program. Delegasi may collect personal information to provide our services to customers and to provide personalized customer experience. You agree to comply with the applicable rules in relation to the use of the Delegasi application. You can only register one account in the Delegasi app and are fully responsible for all actions provided with your app access. This includes liability for all acts of using the service by anyone on your behalf. Information provided through the Delegasi Application or Delegasi social media is not to be misused for illegal investment purposes or fraudulent purposes that can cause harm to others. You are not allowed to try to interfere with the operating function of the Delegasi application or the Delegasi Website. This includes sending search queries via robots, crawlers to obtain content or personal information on the Service and spreading viruses that can interfere with the operation of the Delegasi application.


To use the Delegasi Application, you must go through a registration process. You can do the registration process via Sales contact. You agree to provide accurate and current information. You must store login information securely. You are not expected to share your login information with others. You are solely responsible for any activity that occurs on your account. We do not sell users' personal information to other parties. We may provide general information about user demographics but have no right to share personal identification of your users with third parties. We may use third parties to assist us in operating your business and our Apps. In connection with related matters, it can provide user information with third parties for limited purposes in the process of business operations with a confidentiality agreement between the two parties.

Links to Other Sites

In the operation of the Delegasi Application, we may provide links to other sites provided by third parties. All content information including images, videos, music, sound, files, fees, software, and other information is owned by third parties. We do not own the rights to the third party content and are not responsible for the content of the related third parties. Damage to third party sites or loss of data to third parties is not within Delegasi's control.

Digital advice

Based on user content, Delegasi can offer personalized services that include financial transactions, reminder features to achieve book keeping. Delegasi only provides financial information or advice so that you can make business decisions with adequate knowledge, the decision regarding your businesses is in your hands.

Intellectual Rights

All intellectual rights related to the Delegasi Application service (including text content, graphics, images, videos, logos) are owned by Delegasi and the Delegasi license rights holders. According to the terms and conditions, Delegasi does not grant you the right to own the intellectual property rights owned by you. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, we assume you understand that you do not gain ownership rights by downloading content from our site or App.Delegasi grants users a limited license to use our site and Apps. You are granted a limited license to download and print copies of the content on our site or App for personal use. In the event that you copy or print a page from our site or our Application, you must ensure that you include the copyright or Delegasi trademark in the content you copy.


By paying for the Delegasi subscription, you have agreed to pay a monthly subscription fee to Delegasi as a service provider. Delegasi reserves the right to change prices for features and we are obliged to notify customers if there are price changes. If there is a price change, the price change will be effective during the billing period in the next period. If you agree to pay a subscription fee, you agree that we may use a third party payment provider to process payment of the fee.

Access Removal or Block

Delegasi reserves the right to block your account if you violate the conditions specified in this terms and conditions page.

Service Termination

We reserve the right to temporarily suspend the operation of the Delegasi Application or the Delegasi site for repair and maintenance activities or to update content or features. You can terminate your account at any time by contacting us.

Service Changes

Delegasi may change our services at any time. This includes service type, service design layout, appearance, and content. If there are substantial feature changes, Delegasi will publish the changes.

Operation Termination

In urgent circumstances, Delegasi may terminate our operations at our discretion for either some of our features or our entire service. If this happens, we will try to minimize any losses that may occur, provide notice before the termination of operations, and destroy consumer personal data to protect consumer safety.You agree that Delegasi is not responsible for the loss of your data following the termination of Delegasi's operations and assumes no other responsibility.